Duik de Noordzee Schoon

Country The Netherlands
Started 2008

logo_ddnzs_110We are a group of wreck divers who have been collecting waste and lost fishing gear during our North Sea dives for years. The initiative was started in 2008 while running North Sea wreck dives. With his initiative he and dozens of experienced divers help hundreds of crabs, lobsters and fish regain freedom from fishing nets and lines on North Sea wrecks. After a a few years of organizing North Sea clean-up dives since 2009, we have officially set up a team called “Duik de Noordzee Schoon” (Diving for a clean North Sea). Along the way, a large group of volunteers joined us and help us in our mission.In 2011 and 2012 we organized two 10- day expeditions called Expeditie Doggersbank during which we explored the unspoiled North Sea areas the Cleaver bank and Dogger bank. During these expeditions we had wreck divers, biologists and archaeologists aboard besides photographers and film-makers. The expeditions were very successful and received a lot of national media attention. As of January 2011, we were part of the project “Bescherm een Wrak” (Protect a Wreck) with the collaborating organizations EUCC, North Sea Foundation and Sport Fishing The Netherlands. With a grant from the National Postcode Lottery we set a goal to visit and ‘clean’ 100 different North Sea wrecks within three years. In 2013, one hundred different wrecks were visited by our divers and the project was officially ended.