Country Sweden
Started 2005

We are the diving company P-dyk, original we are a commercial diving and salvage company who have also done a lot of tug jobs, sea measurements and bottom profiling. We also do charter with divers and anglers to our wrecks.Our wrecks are very important for our living. The creatures living on them are for diving so magical and for the angler so exiting. Sport fishers on wrecks are not a threat to Cod stocks and the large ones carrying eggs are always released with the right guidance. Our main goal is to show our magic ocean with it’s excitement and beauty. To float free and see the wrecks were time is still or to catch your first cod a sunny day with the kids. All together in respect with nature exploring the never ending sea. But also to understand the problems around it and change our attitude. We also participate in different projects as Ghost net salvage -what we do since 2005- but also making films, talking to public but mostly doing ‘the diving job’ on the wrecks with our ship M/S Baltic Explorer and volunteers. We do this by ourselves and in other combined projects with partners like KIMO Baltic, Sydkustens fiskeområde, Fiskeriverket (National Board of Fisheries) and SKHC. Trough the years we developed techniques to do net and trawl salvage safe and efficient and we are now reaching out to other country’s to teach and/or learn more ourselves. Today we have 2 company’s helping us to find money to do more environmental Ghost net salvage and if we aim to the stars we will at least reach the sky -and if not- we will do it anyway! There is no time to wait, we have a clear responsibility to our next generation.