Sairee Cottage Diving

Country Thailand
Started 2012

Sairee Cottage Diving is a small Irish/Thai owned dive school located in the middle of Sairee beach on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand. Although a small school Sairee Cottage Diving has a big heart when it comes to protecting our oceans and local environment on Koh Tao. Through independent programs and working with local and leading international organisations Sairee Cottage Diving is trying to help safe guard the delicate eco-sytem that is Koh Tao and raise awareness in all divers of what is happening to our planets oceans. Many of the local dive sites see a huge amount of divers and boat traffic throughout the year, this leads to building amounts of debris. Also the local fishing trade adds to the trash dumped in the sea as there are no local authorities to help police bad practices. We go out everyday month for a clean up that targets the worst hit of the local beaches or dive sites. We also conduct special trips to raise some of the huge ghost nets left covering the beautiful pinnacles such as Sail Rock and Sam Ran Pinnacle.