Swiss Environmental and Waste Divers

Country Switzerland
Started 2010

The aim of Swiss Environmental and Waste Divers (SUAT) is to contribute to environmental protection as divers. The underwater world of the Swiss lakes remain a mystery to most people. However, every lake and every river is a highly sensitive ecosystem in itself, which responds very sensitive to external influences and changes. Such as to waste, some less nature-loving people dispose or leave in our lakes and rivers. The Association of Environmental and Waste Divers is a tax-exempt organization which exists since 2010. It was 2012 awarded with the Albert Koechlin Foundation Environmental Award. Two sections now exist. The section of the Innerschweiz and the section of Zurich, Switzerland. The organization currently has around 40 members that dive voluntarily. The active members of the association dive the shores in the lake of Zurich and the lake of Lucerne once a week all year round. All SUAT divers are experienced divers with appropriate training. Per dive SUAT usually finds and disposes between 200 to 500 Kilograms of waste, such as car tires, bicycles, mopeds, various plastic waste, construction barriers, glass bottles, etc.