Wellington Underwater Club

Country New Zealand
Started 2015

Wellington Underwater Club: We are a New Zealand based dive crew that has been doing dive clean ups regularly for about a decade.We are divers fuelled with a passion and love of our oceans and decided long ago that ocean conservation and protecting marine creatures was a natural extension of who we are. In Wellington, where we are based, there is an incredible diverse range of diving – everything from shore based wrecks, wharves heavily encrusted with life and rugged open coastlines with an abundance of temperate to cool water life. Wellington Underwater Club dives all seasons from the height of summer (17-20C) to winter (8 – 10C). Winter offers us the opportunity to take part in our favourite style of diving – night diving. Night diving has always been a favorite of Pete and myself.) We have a wide range of divers and skill levels and grade tasks and dives by their personal strengths. (This includes shore support and Dive team leaders etc.) Our crew are GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) based divers most have their Fundamental skills or are in training for the course – which we have been found essential in the work we do. While fundies is not a prerequesite for club membership, that level of skill is a prerequisite for many of our more adventurous activities. Our future goals are to up-skill our divers across the board so we can take on bigger projects in New Zealand and get involved in bigger projects internationally. We are humbled by Ghostfishing’s invitation to join forces and we look forward to sharing ideas and skills on the path to growing our capability.