South-West Ireland Project 2018

The plan
The international Ghost Fishing foundation in collaboration with Ghost Fishing UK will retrieve abandoned or lost fishing nets, fishing gear and other marine debris with their passionate technical divers from local wrecks and reefs. It will be our first project in Ireland.

About South Ireland
South Ireland is one of the richest areas for whale and dolphin watching in Europe. Its coastal waters are a summer feeding ground for a number of whale species and a year round home for several resident dolphin species including the Harbour Porpoise. Fin Whales, Minke Whales and Humpback Whales are commonly seen, there are frequent sightings of other dolphin species including Bottlenose Dolphins and Risso’s Dolphins. 24 species of the world’s whales and dolphins have been recorded in Irish waters. At least 24 reasons to take care of their protection. To protect their habitat.

The problem
As everywhere in the oceans, lost nets, fishing gear and other marine debris pose a threat to their life. Often drifted with ocean currents over huge distances. This lost fishing gear leads to the so-called „ghost fishing“: Caught fish die and attract predators which will get caught in the same net. Entangled, starved to death, injured. The ghost net becomes a deadly trap: It continuously catches fish, birds and marine mammals for many decades at the seabed. An estimated 640,000 tonnes of lost fishing nets kill more than 136,000 seals, sea lions and whales every year, in addition to millions of birds, turtles and fish.

The project
The Ghost Fishing foundation was contacted and wants to interrupt this vicious circle. Alongside with local partners like marine zoologist Nic Slocum from Whale Watch West Cork and Matt Jevon (South West Technical Diving, Kinsale). Our aim is not only to remove the nets but to create awareness on the problem by sharing photos and films of the clean-up project.

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Raised € 5.452 of € 30.000 to date (Of which € 3500 comes from The Tauchen Award 2018 event)

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