The Team

The Netherlands

Ghost Fishing Headquarters

Pascal van Erp

Pascal is a GUE trained technical diver with a strong preference for wreck diving. He made hundreds of dives all over the world, during these dives, he encountered lost- and abandoned fishing gear and the sad and severe consequences for the life under water. Since he is co-founder of a Dutch North Sea cleanup project in 2009 he became driven by the removal of lost gear in the North Sea. Based on his experience and specific vision on diving operations related to environmental issues, Pascal decided in 2012 to dedicate his diving exclusively to environmental protection and started the Ghost Fishing Foundation — an international non-profit executed by volunteer technical divers which initiates, supports and promotes lost fishing gear removal initiatives. Nowadays they run lost fishing gear survey and removal projects in the North Sea, Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean and Scapa Flow.

Cas Renooij

Cas is a diver since 1997 with an ever increasing interest in everything related to diving. Besides GUE technical, wreck and cave diving, he is keen to combine diving skills with environmental activities. He is an active participant in Project Baseline and has participated in projects in the most dived Dutch part of the North sea including remote areas like the Cleaver bank and Dogger bank. Removing nets from wrecks has been the main activity since 2007. Co founding Ghost Fishing is just another logical step forward in a journey that started after his first ventures in the underwater realm. Travelling the world from Bonaire to Micronesia, and from as far North as Iceland to the waters around Zanzibar, cold or warm, salt or fresh, open water or confined to wrecks and caves, even under the ice, Cas enjoys it all. Hardly any of his dives end without taking waste out of the water.

Cees (Case) Kassenberg

Cees is a NAUI trained technical wreck-diver. Traveled around the world a lot and studied mechanical engineering. Case started his working career in 1987, but soon discovered that entrepreneurship is far more satisfying and started his first company in 1988. Still after almost 30 years he mostly enjoys starting up projects and bringing passionate people together to get a certain job done.
Case has been diving since 2007 and participated in all kinds of project like Project Baseline and Ghost Fishing. His greatest underwater passion is photography. Besides being a board member of the Ghost Fishing foundation, Case is responsible for the underwater footage of net-removal projects. As not everybody is able to get a look under water, Case believes it’s important to show the world about ghost fishing problem through his images.

United States

Los Angeles Underwater Explorers

Heather Hamza

Heather has been diving since 1993, originally certified in New York. After diving there for many years she moved to the west coast, and started diving in Southern California with her diving team Los Angeles Underwater Explorers. Heather became interested in GUE technical diving in 2009, and is now trained in cave and technical wreck diving.. She began cleaning up ghost nets in 2010 and it wasn’t too long until she was recruiting teams and organizing trips. Heather loves all kinds of diving- recreational, technical, cave- but her favorite dives involve helping the ocean & protecting her treasures.