Diving team helps fishermen in trouble

The problem we show you, generally have to do with what happens when fishing gear is already lost or discarded. But fortunately the problem can be prevented in many ways.

When fishermen get stuck with their gear on a wreck or other obstruction underwater, they sometimes have to leave it in the sea. This is bad news for fishermen but also for underwater life which can get entangled in.

Dutch diving team Zeester (starfish) is not only involved in North Sea wreck diving, but is occasionally hired by fishermen to recover lost fishing gear.

13On August 23 , diving team Zeester helped fishing vessel ZK-21 with their lost net. A few days earlier ZK-21 had to leave their net which got stuck on an unknown obstruction at open sea and called diving team Zeester for help. One of their divers helped them to maneuver correctly and finally they released the net from the obstruction.

The fishermen fixed the net the days after and could quickly resume their job. Great job guys!