Kuwait divers clean up Douhat Bnaider reef

Kuwait Diving Team removed discarded fishing nets at the Douhat Bnaider coral reef area located between Al-Jelaiaa and Al-Zoor areas, team member Faisal Al-Harban said, noting a fisherman had reported the presence of the nets after seeing parts of them floating on the water.

Al-Harban pointed out the team’s divers are experienced enough to handle such entangled nets and remove them without harming the coral structure, carefully floating the main parts with small inflated devices before extracting the whole from the site.

Such operations are among the hardest the team has to perform, he stressed, and there is also the added danger of the diving gear getting entangled and the diver’s movement impaired. “The team always takes optimum care to guarantee the least threat possible to both divers and the environment, and fully adheres to the Kuwaiti laws concerned with preservation of the environment.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)