Mission Statement

Working together on fishnet recovery

Working together on fishnet recovery

“We believe in collaboration, we cannot solve this problem on our own.”

This non-profit driven by technical divers initiates and promotes lost fishing gear removal initiatives worldwide and shows the problem to a wide audience.

We are experienced and well-trained divers, who remove marine debris and make the problem called ‘ghost fishing‘ visible to a worldwide audience. We are very interested in worldwide collaboration with other diving teams and like to start or participate in existing projects all over the world. Our mission statement:

Physically removing nets, fishing gear and other marine debris

In the past 8 years we removed a very large amount of nets, fishing gear and other marine debris from shipwrecks, reefs and the seabed. By doing this we have gathered comprehensive experience and built our own techniques.

Investigating and documenting local situations (photo/video)

“We illustrate this with photos and videos”, the power lies in visualizing the problem. We therefore work with professional underwater photographers and film makers and we always document our actions for evaluation and presentation purposes.

Ensuring diving safety

We stick to standards & procedures to reduce risks to a minimum and will only work with divers who have adequate training and experience.

Disclaimer: It needs to be clear that this work is dangerous. Reading the website or watching the videos in NO way replaces proper training and experience. On request, we can advise you about this topic.

Recycling marine debris

Some types of marine debris such as fishing nets and weights (lead) can be used in recycling processes. We collect these materials and we are interested in cooperation with companies specialized in these processes.

Sharing knowledge and best practices

We have extensive knowledge of many types of fishing techniques, marine waste and also marine life. We like to share this knowledge and are willing to learn from others.

Education & presentation

We give educational presentations to (diving) clubs and during meetings, (dive) exhibitions and shows.