Team Ghost Fishing supports the Healthy Seas initiative

Removal of ghost nets is an important matter, but just as important is the proper disposal of these materials, which is a collection of various raw materials and dirt. We are therefore very pleased with initiatives which combine such processes together in one project.

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Project Argo: Results at a glance

Ghost Fishing and Krnica Dive in Croatia have just successfully completed Project Argo. In five days of diving, the bow of the wreck MS Argo is stripped of heavy trawler nets and other lost fishing gear. The Ghost Fishing diving team also completed some cleanup dives on the local reef and the local harbor Luka Krnica.

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Infidel clean up

“Ghost Fishing” is a global conservation initiative aimed at removing derelict fishing gear that continues to harm, trap and kill aquatic life.  This organization was founded by two GUE divers in the Netherlands; and there are now several Ghost Fishing initiatives all over the world.  Using GUE-trained divers, Ghost Fishing is recognized as a GUE Affiliate.

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