Saving turtles from Ghost Nets in the Maldives

From 2010 to the present day at least 57 Olive Ridley sea turtles with injuries caused by anthropogenic activities have been found by the Olive Ridley Project team in the Maldives. Common mutilations induced by ghost nets in the Indian Ocean include superficial cuts, severed limbs, and positive buoyancy. Entanglements often lead to deaths or injuries so severe that the rehabilitated turtles are unlikely to reproduce or survive if released back into wild. 51 of these Olive Ridleys were found in fishing nets, 24 turtles had injuries so severe that they were taken to rehabilitation centres by our team and were successfully released after their recovery and 5 of these turtles were released with satellite tags to assess our rehabilitation efforts.

Another great initiative to reduce the impacts of lost fishing gear in our oceans is added to our global network. We proudly introduce the Olive Ridley Project as an initiative!