Healthy Seas joins forces with Ghost Fishing UK

Healthy Seas and Ghost Fishing UK are proud to announce that from this season onwards, they will be joining forces to organise regular ghost net removal activities in the UK.

The recovered fishing nets will be transformed and regenerated together with other nylon waste by Aquafil into ECONYL® yarn, a high-quality raw material used to create beautiful new products, such as socks, swimwear, sportwear and carpets.

Image: Aquafil S.p.A

Ghost Fishing UK has always worked very closely with our friends from Healthy Seas and they joined us in Scapa Flow in 2015 to help us get Ghost Fishing UK up and running and also on our incredible clean up of the James Eagan Layne, Plymouth.

Ghost Fishing UK now has over 35 active divers who have been trained by Ghost Fishing UK and with help from Healthy Seas, we can not only operate more regularly but dispose of lost fishing nets in the best way possible – by transforming it for use in another life. We are very excited about the next chapter in our venture.

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